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Why Choose Us?

Evolution not only provides small businesses with private equity funds, but as point in time investors, we provide time-tested best practices designed to help your company achieve sustainable and measurable growth. Our goal? To help you stop working in your business and start working on your business instead.

The 5 Pillar Process

Many small business owners find themselves caught up in the day-to-day tasks of running their company rather than putting it into the next gear. As a firm, we have worked with owners from numerous industries, and have identified five key areas that will help your business take off.

Accurate & Timely Financials: The critical foundation for success is having predictive metrics in place. Quality reporting around key financial performance indicators builds the baseline. Coupled with a strong balance sheet, the process enables sound business decisions as well as the ability to identify opportunities for explosive growth.

Achievable & Measurable Strategic Plan: Next, small-business owners need to organize their time and resources to work on the business, strategically creating opportunities instead of tactically responding to events. EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) provides the structure for team planning, goal setting and goal attainment in Evolution Capital companies.

Aligned & Experienced Leadership: Identifying and attracting the right people to the right seats in the organization is critical. The right team members are passionate and dedicated, wanting to see the business grow as a result of their efforts. Leaders must consistently model these traits and behaviors to foster genuine culture and growth.

Transparency & Accountability of Team Members: From top to bottom, team members understand and embrace their importance to the business. Enterprise-wide use of EOS provides a process for tracking critical work and communicating progress. Creating this atmosphere of responsibility in a business fosters profitable growth, but also organically builds morale.

Effective & Repeatable Sales Process: Significant revenue growth is essential and does not happen by accident. A standard sales process is established and rigorously followed. Best customers and similar prospects are identified. The proper CRM technology provides visibility to a customized sales pipeline and the applicable metrics for team members, leadership and Evolution Capital.