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Who We Work With

The Leader in Investing in Small Businesses

Working exclusively with businesses stuck between Established and Growth, providing them with Evolutionary Capital, a combination of growth capital, processes, and know-how designed to transform their organization, the founder will gain the freedom to stop working in the business and start working on the business instead.

Whether you’re a Small Business Owner, Investor, or M&A Advisor, Evolution holds the keys to your success. Also, be sure to look at the types of small businesses we invest in.

Small Business Owners

As a company led by successful entrepreneurs, we fully understand the process of growing an organization from the ground up. In order for your small business to develop properly, a foundation must be laid to provide the time and capital necessary to execute your vision . That’s where Evolution comes in.

Our passion for helping owners get their small business on track for success is what separates us from other investment firms. With broad experience in navigating the difficulties of growing an organization, in addition to our best practices and capital resources, we have what it takes to bring your company to the next level.

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As point in time investors, we are experts in working exclusively with second stage companies, providing them the resources (time and capital) to allow them to move further faster. By being selective about the businesses with whom we partner for private equity investments, we ensure our growth capital and proven process will help companies reach their full potential – transitioning from ‘established’ to ‘growth.’

By being a committed private equity fund with significant investment capital, this allows us to have the available resources necessary to act quickly when opportunities arise, employing our process and expertise to help small businesses experience explosive results.

We are proud to affect the lives of the founders, their management, employees and the communities in which they do business. When the company wins – we all win.

View our criteria for small business private equity investments.

M&A Advisors

Your reputation with your client is important, making it crucial you don’t partner them with just any business funding company. We differentiate ourselves from other investment capital firms by only partnering with proven second stage companies primed for growth, providing resources and expertise to get them over the next hurdle.

If you and your client have identified opportunities for growth, but need an investment to help them get there, we will help them succeed. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the needs of the small business owner, our passion is to provide the resources (time and capital) to allow their vision to become a reality.

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The Types of Businesses We Invest In

In order to minimize and mitigate risk, we avoid investing in highly cyclical and capital-intensive businesses, including firms that are heavily in debt, which helps us avoid undue pressure on the balance sheet, and ensure funds are available to attract exceptional talent to further stimulate growth.

Investment Criteria

  • At least $500,000 of EBITDA
  • Minimum of 10% cash flow margins (EBITDA less regular cap ex)

Investment Size Needed

  • $3,000,000 – $10,000,000

Growth Expectations

  • $5,000,000 + of EBITDA in 3-5 years


  • United States and Canada

Targeted Industries

  • Business Services
  • Distribution
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare Services
  • Information Services
  • Niche Manufacturing
  • Technology-enabled, Scalable Businesses

Non-Targeted Industries

  • Capital Intensive
  • Consumer Products
  • Real Estate
  • Retail