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Who We Are

Since 2005, Evolution Capital Partners has helped numerous entrepreneurial businesses transform and scale their organizations. As a team of investors, partners, and employees, our primary passion and motivation is to inspire entrepreneurs and their small businesses to grow and thrive under any economic circumstances.

In 1995, after starting out their careers as lenders to small businesses, Brendan Anderson and Jeffrey Kadlic took their experiences in two seemingly different directions. Brendan began by buying and managing small businesses, while Jeffrey turned to professional funding and mezzanine investing. Ten years later, the two entrepreneurs co-founded Evolution Capital Partners with the purpose of inspiring entrepreneurs to create “evolutionary businesses,” businesses that have a lasting impact on the management, employees and communities in which they operate.

Core Values

Our team and core values are inter-connected, creating a constant reminder that our employees and partners are directly correlated to our growth and success.

    • Inspire
    • Community
    • Culture of Abundance
    • Team First
    • Compassionate
    • Authentic
    • Continuous Learner
    • Self-aware
    • Humble
    • Always look for a better way
    • Self-starter
    • Roll up your sleeves
    • Own it!
    • Believe
    • Transformation
    • Further.Faster.Fun

Our Team

    • Brendan Anderson, Co-Founder

      Brendan Anderson, Co-Founder & Managing PartnerFor the past 20 years, Brendan has used his mastery as an investor and manager of businesses to assist organizations in reaching their full potential, both by providing best practices and growth capital to produce proven results.

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    • Jeffrey Kadlic, Co-Founder

      Jeffrey Kadlic, Co-Founder & Managing PartnerAfter privately investing in several companies, Jeffrey began to identify the additional needs of small businesses looking to scale operations beyond an influx of cash, a philosophy which ultimately led to the co-founding of Evolution with Brendan Anderson.

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    • Jeffrey Mihalek, Chief Financial OfficerJeff brings a wealth of experience in the financial services industry, including alternative asset management, private equity, and most recently as the Director of Accounting at a well-established family office, RMS Investment Group.

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    • Scott Monaco_COO

      Scott Monaco, Chief Operating OfficerScott’s investment background, energy and passion for helping business owners achieve their vision are a welcome asset to Evolution.  With deep roots in the private equity industry, he has experience as both a direct investor and Limited Partner.

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      Jessica Bergrin, Controller

      Jessica Bergrin, ControllerJessica, an expert in accounting and investor reporting, is the controller with Evolution Capital Partners. Spending the first eight years of her career within real estate development organizations (both public and private), Jessica most recently was a Senior Funds Analyst with DDR Corp.

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    • Barbara Hernandez, Chief Branding Officer

      Barbara Hernandez, Marketing & Business Development SpecialistBefore joining Evolution, part of Barbara’s career was spent in New York City publishing and digital media firms, and later as a project manager with Bank of America, perfectly crafting her into an expert of both project management and creative development for our business owner clients.

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    • Denea Jackson, Office ManagerDenea is the Office Manager for Evolution Capital Partners, integral in the day to day operations of the organization. Spending thirteen years in the investment banking industry with Brown Gibbons Lang & Company, Denea refined her skills in all aspects of office support, including…

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