What Is
Evolutionary Capital?

  • Expansion Capital for the Established Business

    It's a different kind of private equity. It is capital, coupled with a strategic framework to help transform an established, profitable business from good to growth.


    It is not capital to support an idea, but an established business that has a proven model with the results to back it up. They just need that extra catalyst to get started.

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  • For Companies on the Brink

    Evolutionary capital is not for start ups.

    Evolutionary capital is for companies that are on the edge of something big. Something exciting. Something that will take their business to a new level.

    It is for established companies that have a steady free cash flow of at least $500,000 and have a defined plan for multiplying it in the next 3-5 years. The vision, results and passion are present, ready for a catalyst to unharness and guide it to its true potential.

    Evolutionary capital is perfect for business services, distribution, financial services, healthcare services, information services, niche manufacturing, and any other technology-enabled, scalable business.

    It is for business owners who want to grow their company to a size and structure where an exit strategy is life changing.


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