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Crain’s Cleveland Business

February 21,2017

Evolution’s Co-Founder, Brendan Anderson, comments on the impact deregulation could have on private equity and small businesses if banks were once again permitted to invest in funds. Read More>>

Fresh Water

October 15,2014

During this year’s Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Thrive conference that took place in Cleveland, Brendan Anderson shared what the top one percent of entrepreneurs are doing different than their peers. Read More>>

Crain’s Cleveland Business

May 14,2014

Evolution Co-Founders, Jeffrey Kadlic and Brendan Anderson, discuss Second Stage Capital with Crain’s and the challenges business owners face when seeking it to grow their company to the next level. Read More>>


April 28,2014

PitchBook notes Evolution Capital Partners as a Top Performer among 2006 Vintage U.S. Growth Funds. Read More>>

Fox Business

February 11,2014

Evolution’s Co-Founder, Jeff Kadlic, speaks with Fox Business on why sellers are sticking around after finalizing the deal. Read More>>

Mergers & Acquisitions

February 11,2014

Brendan Anderson stresses the importance of trust and credibility when partnering with business owners. Read More>>


January 30,2014

Evolution’s Co-Founder, Brendan Anderson, weighs in on the importance of getting your cash flow in order. Read More>>

HuffPost Business

November 20,2013

Evolution’s Co-Founder, Jeffrey Kadlic, shares his thoughts on how a business owner might free themselves from working IN their business, allowing them the ability to work ON their business instead. Read More>>


November 5,2013

Co-Founders Jeffrey Kadlic and Brendan Anderson discuss  the tremendous growth of the Accurate Group, a three consecutive year Inc.5000 Honoree. Read More>>


October 3,2013

Evolution’s co-founder, Brendan Anderson, discusses the importance of creating and communicating the strategic vision and values of a company to set the tone and direction of an organization.  Read More>>

Smart Business

July 1,2013

Evolution Capital Partners co-founders, Brendan Anderson & Jeffrey Kadlic, discuss the strategy of investing with small and midsize markets. Evolution successfully navigates businesses from the small startup phase to large, established firms. Read More>>

Mergers & Acquisitions

May 8,2013

Jeffrey Kadlic explains his views on private equity funding and the opportunity in the lower middle market. Read the success story of the Accurate Group which experienced annual growth of 165% after partnering with Evolution. Read More>>

Mergers & Acquisitions

April 2,2013

Jeffrey Kadlic presents at Buyouts East, one of the largest mergers & acquisitions events on the east coast.

 Read More>>

Crain’s Cleveland Business

February 11,2013

Brendan Anderson explains the explosive success of the Accurate Group. Accurate’s growth performance increased profits from $6 million to over $50 million. Read More>>

Crain’s Cleveland Business

October 27,2011

Brendan Anderson describes the strategy behind hiring a CFO and their role responsibilities to raise capital or secure credit. Read More>>

The New York Times

October 26,2011

Brendan Anderson explains the role and importance of hiring a Chief Financial Officer for a business. Read More>>

Crain’s Cleveland Business

October 3,2011

Jeffrey Kadlic shares his insights on the tough fundraising environment today and discusses the direction of investment and fundraising moving forward. Read More>>

Crain’s Cleveland Business

April 18,2011

Jeffrey Kadlic highlights the fundraising process from the perspective of a private equity firm. The fundraising process has increased from approximately 6 – 12 months to 18 – 20 months today. Read More>>