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Why Does Every Business Need a Crisis Communications Plan?

[1]Big or small, it is inevitable that a crisis of some kind will happen within every business. And the days of playing ostrich are virtually gone in today’s world of 24/7 “news” (professional and amateur) and social media. So how does a company prepare for and manage a crisis? To address this topic, we have invited communication expert, Graham Hearns, Managing Director of Global Marketing & Communications at The Riverside Company. Any crisis, no matter the magnitude, is stressful, so having a pre-determined plan is crucial to responding in a timely and appropriate manner. And while making a crisis magically disappear is impossible, addressing it head on in a truthful manner can make its impact much less and get the focus of your daily business activities back on track more quickly. To learn how your business can best prepare for an unforeseen event, join us on this week’s episode of The Second Stage.