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Startup Accelerators, What Do They Really Provide?

Are you an entrepreneur eager to take your idea or product out to the marketplace? Are you wondering where you can turn and perhaps if a startup Accelerator may be the answer? Then don’t miss today’s episode of The Second Stage to learn if partnering with an Accelerator is right for you and your ideas! On this episode, hosts Jeffrey Kadlic and Brendan Anderson will be joined by seasoned Entrepreneur and the Founder of Mighty Wise Academy, Eric Wagner, to outline not only what you can expect, but what can truly be achieved if you go in with the right expectations and your eyes wide open. If capital is ALL you are looking for, then partnering with an Accelerator may not be the answer, but if you are prepared to learn how to create a business that CAN attract capital, then it may be exactly what you are looking for.


Posted by: Evolution Capital Partners Evolution Capital Partners specializes in helping entrepreneurial businesses transform their organizations by providing a foundation for growth through its process, The Five Pillars of Business Freedom(SM), leveraging the time and energy of the business owner.

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