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Special Encore Presentation: The Six Characteristics of a Small Giant

In his book, “Small Giants: Companies That Choose to be Great Instead of Big,” author and entrepreneurial advocate, Bo Burlingham, describes six common characteristics observed in the extraordinary companies researched for his work – which he subsequently designates as “business mojo.” On today’s episode of The Second Stage hosts Brendan Anderson and Jeffrey Kadlic are honored to speak with Mr. Burlingham about these identified characteristics – Leadership, Community, Relationships, Culture, Passion and Profit – to learn more on how entrepreneurs and their companies can benefit from understanding and truly embracing these attributes. Join the hosts and their guest at 5:00pm EST / 2:00pm PST as they discuss just what it takes to gain “business mojo” and see if becoming a “Small Giant” fits the vision you have for your business.


Posted by: Evolution Capital Partners Evolution Capital Partners specializes in helping entrepreneurial businesses transform their organizations by providing a foundation for growth through its process, The Five Pillars of Business Freedom(SM), leveraging the time and energy of the business owner.

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