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Special Encore Presentation: Learn What it Takes to Be a Continually Growing Business with Second Stage Entrepreneurship Author Daniel Weinfurter

Join hosts Jeffrey Kadlic and Brendan Anderson as they speak with the author of Second Stage Entrepreneurship: Ten Proven Strategies for Driving Aggressive Growth, Daniel Weinfurter. Having many consistencies with Evolution’s 5 Pillars of Business Freedom discussed on previous episodes, Mr. Weinfurter shares his ten proven strategies for driving aggressive growth. Select drivers include a capital infusion, which one must support with a detailed plan and strong skill set and track record; hiring the “right” talent, strive to hire people smarter than you; and having strong sales management systems and processes in, along with true sales “leaders.” He will also discuss case studies of notable companies, each having their own unique attributes, but their strategies for growth having consistent principles that apply to all businesses. Join us as the hosts discuss with Mr. Weinfurter the steps to become a continually growing business.


Posted by: Evolution Capital Partners Evolution Capital Partners specializes in helping entrepreneurial businesses transform their organizations by providing a foundation for growth through its process, The Five Pillars of Business Freedom(SM), leveraging the time and energy of the business owner.

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