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Special Encore Presentation: Conscious Capitalism: The Benefits of Aligned Organizations

Whatever the term used – Conscious Capitalism, Purpose-Driven Companies or Stakeholder-Based Businesses – these all describe business models centered and aligned around a higher societal purpose, focused on creating value for ALL stakeholders. And while one may typically identify this description with non-profit organizations, there are tremendous performance and impact results for-profit companies have when truly embracing this culture driven approach. Think of companies like Whole Foods and Southwest Airlines who typically outperform most companies in their category. Profits are a natural result of alignment among employees, customers and vendors as well as great strategy execution. To learn more about how small business owners can implement this culture-based approach and the tremendous rewards that can result, join the hosts of The Second Stage and their guest, William Vogelgesang, co-founder of Candlewood Partners, for today’s discussion.


Posted by: Evolution Capital Partners Evolution Capital Partners specializes in helping entrepreneurial businesses transform their organizations by providing a foundation for growth through its process, The Five Pillars of Business Freedom(SM), leveraging the time and energy of the business owner.

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