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Reflecting on 75 Episodes Sharing Business Best Practices for Sustained Growth

With 75 original episodes behind us, we would like to thank our listeners and guests for helping us create an entrepreneurial forum, which has gone well above our expectations. We will continue to shine the light on the significant impact that Second Stage Companies have on creating a vibrant economy, sharing business best practices, resources and actionable advice. As the hosts, we have had the pleasure of learning from and being inspired by the fellow entrepreneurs and experts that have joined us on The Second Stage. And to celebrate, on today’s show we will reflect on some of our past episodes and guests, including small business financial expert Greg Crabtree, Dr. Jeff DeGraff, the Dean of Innovation, and many more! We will also revisit building a foundation for sustained growth with The Five Pillars of Business Freedom, consisting of great Financials; a shared Plan; the attraction and retention of the right People; a culture of Transparency, and a culture of Accountability.


Posted by: Evolution Capital Partners Evolution Capital Partners specializes in helping entrepreneurial businesses transform their organizations by providing a foundation for growth through its process, The Five Pillars of Business Freedom(SM), leveraging the time and energy of the business owner.

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