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Privacy and Data Security: Is Your Business Prepared?

Kim Ferenchak, Practice Leader of Executive Risk at Oswald Companies, joins us on today’s episode of “The Second Stage” to discuss privacy and data security risks and how to ensure your business is prepared as well as protected. Business practices have evolved as we move further and further into the digital world, making it easier to not only start a business, but conduct business on a day to day basis – think better customer experience and data access – however with this comes strategic risks over cyberattacks. Ms. Ferenchak will help us understand exactly what private information is, the primary exposures that may cause harm to a business or business owner, and what elements of a cyber risk management program are imperative to ensure protection. In addition to knowing what to look for when identifying ways to get ahead of cybercrime, Ms. Ferenchak will also address what, if any, insurance solutions may be available to protect your business and its customers.


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