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Improve Productivity and Profits: Focus on the Low-Hanging Fruit

[1]For over twenty years, co-founders of Harvest Earnings and authors of “Low-Hanging Fruit, 77 Eye-Opening Ways to Improve Productivity and Profits,” have assisted organizations of all sizes to increase profits and productivity by harvesting their low-hanging fruit. On today’s episode of The Second Stage Jeremy Eden and Terri Long will share their experiences and expertise when it comes to uncovering opportunities for improvement using those closest to the work. Often times companies overlook utilizing their biggest and best asset, their people, to not only come up with ideas, but to execute on those ideas as well. Mr. Eden and Ms. Long will share actionable advice on how business owners can identify their low-hanging fruit, including “Put a Price Tag on Everything to Stop the Waste” and “Ask Your New Hires and Your Vendors.” By implementing these best practices, not only will your company’s profits increase, but so will your employee morale and performance.