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Entrepreneur’s Perspective: Reflections On a Successful Exit

[1]We had the pleasure of working with serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Leeza Distribution Inc., Jack McDonald, over the past several years; and are thrilled to have him as a guest on The Second Stage to share with you his insights and reflections after successfully exiting his business. We will discuss the importance a back-to-basics approach, focusing on cash flow and internal alignment, as well as the role an objective third party assessment played in Mr. McDonald’s success. We cannot over emphasize how important it is for business owners and entrepreneurs to plan for a successful exit. Self-reflection and focus on vision, strategy, culture and financial metrics can make all the difference between an exit on your terms versus that of others. Everyone will someday exit his or her business, so why not plan for it? Done right, the exit can be as exciting and satisfying as starting the business. Done wrong however, and the result can be devastating.