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Encore: The Impact of Sustained Growth on Business and the Economy


As demonstrated by the name of our show, Second Stage Companies are our passion. In broad terms, these are established businesses with typically 10-99 employees, a local or regional reputation, and most importantly, establishments consistently adding jobs. While many think of start-ups or large corporations as being the job generators, companies demonstrating ‘sustained growth’ turn out to be the heroes. So what does ‘sustained growth’ look like? Here to discuss the characteristics of these companies and why he considers ‘sustained growth’ an important measure of company health is Dr. Gary Kunkle, the founder of Outlier LLC and Research Fellow at Business Dynamics Research Consortium. Through his extensive research, Dr. Kunkle demonstrates that growth is actually a learning curve. No matter the industry, he states, “all companies face the same set of challenges and decisions each time they expand. And the more frequently they grow, the better they get at making these decisions.”