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Encore: The American Dream: Entrepreneurship in the United States

On today’s episode of The Second Stage we will be joined by business leader, engineer, Harvard Senior Fellow, and lifelong entrepreneur, Dr. Paul Hsu. Arriving in the US in 1976 with only $500 to his name, he grabbed hold of the American dream and never let it go. Today Dr. Hsu owns several very successful companies, achieving annual revenues in the millions and continues to give back as a dedicated public servant and a member of the National Minority Business Advisory Board. Reflecting on his journey, Dr. Hsu recently authored Guardians of the Dream: The Enduring Legacy of America’s Immigrants recounting his personal inspiring journey as a Taiwanese immigrant arriving in the United States with little more than his hopes of achieving the American dream. Don’t miss this episode as the co-hosts discuss with Dr. Hsu challenges entrepreneurs face today, advice he would offer to hopeful entrepreneurs, and the future of entrepreneurship in the United States.


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