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Barbara Hernandez

Barbara Hernandez, Chief Branding Officer, Evolution Capital Partners

Barbara Hernandez

Marketing & Business Development Specialist

Barbara is the Marketing & Business Development Specialist for Evolution Capital Partners, serving as a key interface to prospective partner companies and the M&A community. After spending the first half of her career in publishing and digital media firms in New York City, Barbara transitioned into the financial sector with Bank of America. While at Bank of America she acted as a project manager, honing her skills in documenting and creating processes and procedures.

A dramatic shift within the financial industry provided the perfect backdrop for Barbara to seek out a new challenge, moving into the nascent yet growing industry of small business private equity, where she has worked the last nine years curating the development and evolution of our unique investment solutions for Second Stage Companies. Hired shortly after Evolution’s launch, Barbara has witnessed first hand the rigors of launching an enterprise from the ground up, and now fully appreciates the challenges facing our business owner clients, as they strive to simultaneously build the infrastructure and platform for their firm, while attempting to scale it at the same time.

Barbara’s versatility in project management and creative development, along with her fluency in all aspects of financial services and capital investment, make her invaluable to the continuing success and growth of our firm.


Away from the office, Barbara enjoys running, music, and tackling home projects. She lives with her husband, son and daughter in Frederick, MD.


BS, Gannon University