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Why partner with Evolution Capital Partners?

Friday, 10/03/2017 @ 3:57 pm

Hear from our partner company leaders on what makes Evolution a unique private equity firm and a true partner for small business owners looking to build a foundation for scale.

What attracted me to Evolution and to Brendan and Jeff was a combination of their financial acumen, their mindset for doing the right thing, and their entrepreneurial spirit.” Dami Hummel, President and CEO, Knowledge Center

Working with these guys [Evolution] really is the best combination because we get the capital that we needed but we also got people that we really genuinely enjoy.” Bob Sanders, President and CEO, Axiom Sales Force Development

I think collectively the EOS, or Entrepreneurial Operating System, really changed the way that we’re organized, how we communicate, and primarily the transparency that didn’t exist in our company before they made the investment.” Paul Regalia, President, Cascade Healthcare Services

It’s nice to be partnered with a company where the folks let you run your business and assist you where you need assistance.” Bob Albano, President and CEO, Heavy Equipment Colleges of America

What really helps me, and I think the other portfolio company CEO’s, is they’re always there, they’re opening doors for us, they’re really thinking about how we be successful.” Mike Vea, President, Lewellyn Technology

The point is, it’s more than just results with these guys [Evolution], there is a genuine caring approach to us, not just for us, but also our entire organization.” Glenn Fontaine, President and COO, Budco Financial Services

I would recommend business owners that don’t just want money. That they want to grow and they want to follow a path and a process.” David Knight, President, Monolith Software

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