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How Financially Capable are Your Employees?

Thursday, 6/08/2015 @ 4:42 pm

Personal Finance 101 Lesson Plan

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of great financials, reporting and predictive metrics as you establish and grow your business. And it doesn’t stop with just having solid financial practices in place, but must be accompanied with a culture of transparency and accountability to empower employees for better decision making.

Mr. Clint Greenleaf, serial entrepreneur and author, takes the concept of understanding and sharing financials to a whole new level, as he teaches the importance of ensuring employees know how to manage their personal finances, which will not only impact their own lives, but the overall health of your organization. Mr. Greenleaf speaks passionately about entrepreneurship and personal finances, sharing his own experiences working with employees and how implementing a brown bag lunch series, Personal Finance 101, was just the beginning of what became an ongoing education and modified version of open book management.

If this is a concept you would like to investigate further, you can hear our conversation with Mr. Greenleaf on The Second Stage here and read his article, Why You Should Teach Your Employees About Money?

And to implement a personal finance program for your employees, get started with Mr. Greenleaf’s Teach Your Employees About Money Over-Simplified Lesson Plan, including recommended resources.

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