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small business culture thrives on learning
Monday, 10/08/2015 @ 4:40 pm

Be Your Employees’ Thought Leader

Today’s successful small business culture thrives on learning. Whether it’s happening through print, e-books or news and information sites, the overwhelming majority of small organizations regarded as thought leaders in their industries are making continuous education a part of how they do business.

How does it help? The answer is simple: a learning culture makes for stronger employees who, in turn, make for a stronger organization, not only improving products and services for customers, but also creating an enormously positive work environment.

Implementing a quarterly book club here at Evolution, we came across a great resource to help organizations cultivate that culture of continuous learning with true entrepreneurial spirit,, an innovative approach to company sponsored learning.

To see if this resource is a fit for your organization, visit to learn more.

Hear our discussion on The Second Stage with the Founder of, Arnie Malham: Be Your Employee’s Thought Leader: Create a Culture of Continuous Learning  

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