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The Second Stage

Why Evolution Partners With Second Stage Companies

Build a Foundation for Sustained Growth with a Small Business Investor

When we began working on the principles that would ultimately become the driving force behind our decision-making at Evolution Capital Partners, we not only relied on tips from proven experts in the area of smart investing, but we also leaned heavily on our own...

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A Tool for Building Synergistic Teams in Your Small Business

I recently had the pleasure of completing the three-day Kolbe Certification(TM) training program, which is a conative testing measure that leaders of both small and large businesses can use to build better management teams, engage more productively with their existing ones, and identify gaps....

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Key Performance Indicators: The Pathway to Measured Success

Measure of success conceptual using measuring tape

  One of the most relatable examples of a key performance indicator (KPI) comes from being a parent. It is amazing how preoccupied kids are with growing up. This is evidenced by how frequently they measure themselves, followed by predictions on if they will...

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3 Great Reasons to Join a Peer Group for Entrepreneurs

Guidance Answers Questions Feedback Business Community

Anyone making the leap from employee to entrepreneur is acutely aware of both the struggles and advantages built in to the transition. Yet, regardless of how educated and driven an entrepreneur might be, the learning curve for keeping a small business afloat, not to...

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Innovative Funding Changing Finance Landscape

Crowdfunding for Small Business Investing

I read a great article in The Wall Street Journal titled The Uberization of Money.  The title is obviously derived from the leading ride sharing company, Uber.  According to the article, the title was chosen because the trends in money and investing are similar...

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Creating a Company with Passion

Creating a Company with Passion

  As an entrepreneur, your determination to succeed is second to none. Without this passion and drive, you would have never taken on the challenges of owning a small business. But when it comes to getting your team to exhibit the same type of...

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How Evolutionary Capital Helps Second Stage Companies

business growth investment to achieve goals

Small Business Investors You’ve heard of Venture Capital.  You’ve heard of Private Equity.  But have you heard of Evolutionary Capital?  It fits uniquely in between, in the second stage of growth. When you finally rise above the difficulties of being a start-up, your small...

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The Power of Profit in Small Business

The Power of Profit in Small Business

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, your company’s sustainability and growth prospects are reliant on the financial health of your organization. And at Evolution, we feel that not only understanding the financial levers that drive your business are imperative, but monitoring these identified...

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Entrepreneurially Run Companies Need Structure To Grow

An operating process offers a framework for growth

Many entrepreneurs feel that if they put enough hours and hustle into their business, they will be successful. And while many certainly are successful due to the blood, sweat and tears poured into the business (especially in the beginning years), in the long run,...

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Second Stage Investing: Supporting The “Unsexy” Entrepreneur

In a recent article in Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of Venture for America, Andrew Yang, wrote candidly about his views on what kinds of startups he looks to invest in. Labeling these companies as “unsexy” by the standards often used to describe most fledgling...

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Create a Contagious Culture

Create a Contagious Culture

Introduced through the Small Giants Community, we were thrilled to have leadership advisor and strategist, Anese Cavanaugh, on a recent episode of The Second Stage. Anese sites that 93% of our impact as business leaders is in how we “show up,” leaving only 7%...

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4 Ways to Boost Company Morale at This Year’s Holiday Party

Charitable Work During the Holidays

Even if your small business is doing well in 2015, making your team more cohesive and prepared for the coming year is important. Sometimes a business does well in spite of its culture; but as many entrepreneurs have discovered, sometimes the hard way, if...

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Financial Dashboards in Small Business

Financial Metrics in Small Business

With few exceptions, there’s a good chance every vehicle you’ve driven has come equipped with a dashboard, displaying everything from your automobile’s speed and fuel level to its engine temperature and RPMs. Without this display available, it would be extremely difficult to know how...

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Access to Small Business Capital

cost of capital versus benefits

In the Opinion Section of the November 4th Wall Street Journal, Mr. Peter Wallison, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and best-selling author, wrote an article titled Bernanke and the Slow-Growth Crew.  I believe it was a thought provoking article in that...

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The Balancing Act of Small Business Leadership

Business People Leadership Management Discussion

To succeed in small business, you need two types of people: a dreamer and a doer. As a business leader or entrepreneur, you likely consider yourself stronger in one of these areas – and you’ll find that both of them are necessary when it...

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Supporting the Entrepreneurial Community for 10 Years

The Leader in Growing Second Stage Companies

The Leader in Growing Second Stage Companies® Celebrating our 10 year anniversary this month, we reflect on Evolution’s purpose to Inspire Entrepreneurs to Create Evolutionary Businesses. Having the good fortune to have partnered with twelve companies and spoken with thousands of small business owners...

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Valuation versus Value Creation

value is created when a strategy is created and executed

On a recent episode of The Second Stage, we had the good fortune of speaking with Dr. Carl Sheeler, Managing Director at Berkeley Research Group and author of Equity Value Enhancement: A Tool to Leverage Human and Financial Capital While Managing Risk. During our...

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Evolution’s Entrepreneurs: Knowledge Center

Knowledge Center Incident Management System

Having the great pleasure of speaking with hundreds of successful entrepreneurs each year is what inspires all of us at Evolution and is reflected in our core values. We are truly humbled to have the opportunity to partner with a select few of the...

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The State of Entrepreneurs in 2015

Innovation important to Entrepreneur Success

As an entrepreneur, you already know how well your company has performed thus far in 2015, but you may not know how your experience stacks up against other small business owners across the country. Today we examine an annual survey recently published by Hiscox,...

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10 Big Ideas from the World’s Top Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur and Storyteller Walt Disney

Successful entrepreneurs are often the most quoted and quotable in the business world, as they exemplify the traits and passion necessary for accomplishing extraordinary feats. For some, these entrepreneurs serve as a beacon of hope, as many started out in a home garage or found...

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