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The Second Stage

Why Quantitative Easing is Bad for Small Business

It seems you can’t watch the news or read a financial journal these days without running into a commentary featuring an impassioned opinion regarding the Federal Reserve’s strategy of flooding the market with cash in a move called Quantitative Easing (The Trilogy).  While there...

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The Paradox of Risk Management in Football and Funding Growth

The September kickoff of the NFL season provides a panoramic backdrop for exploring the ironic and counterintuitive nuances of corporate risk management as it relates to leading and scaling emerging high-growth companies in an era defined by economic uncertainty. Gridlock on the Gridiron How...

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No Man’s Land is No Day at the Beach

According to AAA, over 33 million Americans used the long Labor Day weekend to travel at least 50 miles from home, representing a 2.9% increase from 2011.  Like Leatherback turtles returning to their nesting grounds, the misty call of the salty sea-air  – combined...

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National Election = Natural Selection: How Private Citizens and Private Equity Pick Winners

Last night, the 2012 Republican National Convention came to a climatic (albeit predictable) close, with Mitt Romney accepting the party’s nomination to run against the Democratic incumbent in the upcoming presidential election.  Unlike Obama’s meteoric rise to power, Romney’s political journey has taken a...

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What Tennis Pros Can Teach CEOs About Corporate Strategy

With summer camps and swimming pools all poised to close down for the summer, it’s nice to know that at least one popular pastime will soon be open for business. On Monday August 27th the US Open kicked off their annual competition featuring the...

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Are You Ready to Shift Your Business Growth Into High Gear?

To keep in shape, I train regularly and have participated in a number of triathlons here in the Midwest. While I am ‘serviceable’ in the swimming and running portions of the race, it is in cycling that I truly excel. My Trek racing bike...

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