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Meticulous Dedication To Process

Without dedication to process, decisions can be random and not based on fact.

Updated Core Values LogoAs described in our third core value, creativity and flexibility are key. But coupling that with a process and routine for making new ideas a reality can take a business to a whole new level. As a CFO, I cannot stress how imperative it is to have your fingers on the daily pulse of your business, no matter the size or state.

Data and detailed processes can create efficiencies, make you aware of red flags, and uncover opportunities for growth you may have never even imagined.

Now, this piece of the puzzle might not come naturally to entrepreneurs whose focus is on the big picture rather than the details. But it emphasizes how important it is for business owners to know their strengths and weaknesses and build a team around them that can take care of all of the moving pieces. This is the core value that is going to trickle into every single thing that every employee does in the company. Meticulous dedication to everything from training new employees to knowing your exact costs makes a difference. Without it, everyone’s just shooting in the dark.

Working to identify and implement, internally and within our growth companies, detailed plans, key metrics and repeatable processes allows us to meet each of our other core values effectively. How can you truly be transparent if you aren’t open about what’s happening in the company? How can you look for a better way if you aren’t aware of the existing way? This is invaluable in managing, reacting and allowing for course correction in a business, when and if needed, so that it ultimately can evolve.


Posted by: Marlene Tehi Having served in various strategic roles within both regional and global firms over the past 30 years, Marlene brings an instinctive and refined financial fluency to every company challenge. Marlene is the CFO at Evolution.

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