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Visionaries vs. Operators: Which One Are You?

Operators vs. Visionaries

Visionaries and operators are like the yin and yang forces of an entrepreneurial undertaking. Their opposite approaches to management complement one another to create a dynamic system that’s more effective and balanced than one dominant approach. Like the infamous leadership styles of Apple’s Steve...

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Small-Business Owner Summer Reading List

June 21 marks the official start of summer. Whether your hectic small-business owner schedule allows for a little poolside reading time, or you can only manage one chapter before bed, we hope you delight in a few titles on our summer reading list. These...

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3 Tools to Assess Your Small-Business Leadership Team

The most important factor behind the success – or failure – of a small business boils down to the effectiveness of its leadership team, interactions among team members and the strategic plan that is driving the business forward. A lot can be said about...

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3 Key Characteristics of an Effective Leadership Team

We’re all familiar with the adage, “A team is only as good as its leader.” And it couldn’t ring truer. When it comes right down to it, a leader has the power to either make or break a team. Having effective leadership in place...

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Why Small-Business Owners Should Do More Reading

Accepting that you have a lot to learn is fundamental to achieving sustained small-business growth. Ultimately, everybody always has room to improve—and admitting this is not a weakness. But many small-business owners resist the notion that they are not the independent, steel titans with...

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2017 Annual Leadership Summit

Each year we host our Leadership Summit and Annual Meeting in support of our growing list of active partner companies and business investors. Held at our headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, the meetings and workshops allow opportunities for our leadership teams to share best practices, what’s worked...

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Top 3 Entrepreneurship Podcasts to Help Grow Your Small Business

Listening to a favorite podcast regularly is almost like having a mentor whispering words of wisdom in your ear all the time. And for the busy entrepreneur, podcasts are an ingenious way to make the commute or lunch hour more productive by lumping continuing...

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The Key Benefits of Transparency in Business

For a company to exhibit transparency, it must be open and clear with unhindered honesty. Transparency can build a company loyalty and trust among its audiences, both internally and externally. Not only does transparency improve employee relationships, but it also improves relationships with your...

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4 Questions to Ask When Selecting the Right Business Partner

When looking for a business partner choosing one that fits your corporate culture is vital for the future of your company. Together, both of you will share ownership, contribute to all aspects of the company including money, property, labor and skill, and share in...

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The Power of a Believable Sales Pipeline

A sales pipeline is a tool that tracks prospects as they progress through the stages of your sales process. It should contain information such as: Company name Contact Sales owner Expected sales volume Approximate closing date Win probability Reason(s) for losses A believable sales...

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5 Keys to Cultivating a Positive Company Culture

While knee deep in the growth stage, many small-business owners neglect to focus on one of the most important factors behind the long-term success of their organization – creating a positive company culture. By boosting employee morale, a great company culture can have sweeping...

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Developing a Successful Sales Process

Having a well-defined sales process is the key to successfully managing your sales team and pipeline. A sales process is a repeatable and scalable series of steps that maps out and tracks interactions with potential clients. These steps ensure everyone in the company –...

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5 Tips for Effective Communication in a Small-Business Atmosphere

Establishing effective communication is the key to an organization’s success – particularly within a small-business atmosphere, where employees often wear many hats. It can have a cascading effect on all facets of an organization – from employee morale and productivity, to company revenue. However,...

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The Entrepreneurial Operating System: Making a Difference in Small Businesses

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) integrates a holistic business model aimed to align and synchronize all the pieces of a business to produce the desired results. This process has caught the eye of many former, current and aspiring small business owners, including one entrepreneur...

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3 Books Every Small Business Owner Should Read

Entrepreneurs and business leaders face similar hurdles throughout their careers – personnel conflicts, undefined business paths and financial woes. Industry leaders have analyzed these common issues and have come up with a variety of solutions – often filling the pages of books with their...

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The Second Stage: Our Top Radio Episodes of 2016

Small Business Investing: 2016 Year in Review

As small business investors, we’re extremely passionate about inspiring entrepreneurs on their way to creating strong foundations for long-term success. It’s not only become our professional mission in our dealings with clients, but also served as a personal undertaking for each member of our...

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Evolution Capital Partners’ 2016 Leadership Summit

Evolution Capital Partners Leadership Summit

Each year, Evolution Capital Partners hosts its Leadership Summit and Annual Meeting in support of our growing list of active partner companies and investors. This year’s summit, held at our headquarters in Cleveland, OH, brought together our largest group of partner companies to date,...

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Why Every Small Business Owner Needs a Mentor

Small Business Owner and Business Mentor

As every CEO, entrepreneur and small business owner knows: It’s lonely at the top. Even with all the inherent advantages of having the final word in decision-making and the status of being an executive, we as company leaders sometimes feel isolated from the rest...

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The Power of Paying Attention in Business

During the 1980s and 90s, some company leaders held a very business-centric point of view on how to become successful in their respective industry. This sometimes included uncompromising management styles, a focus on profitability at any expense, and an opinion that layoffs were just...

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The role management plays in seeking a small business investment

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team as defined by Patrick Lencioni

The most important factor in the success or failure of a small business investment (or the degrees in between) comes down to the leadership and experience of the management team, the interactions between team members and the strategic plan they create for the future...

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