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Second Stage Investing: Supporting The “Unsexy” Entrepreneur

In a recent article in Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of Venture for America, Andrew Yang, wrote candidly about his views on what kinds of startups he looks to invest in. Labeling these companies as “unsexy” by the standards often used to describe most fledgling...

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4 Ways to Boost Company Morale at This Year’s Holiday Party

Charitable Work During the Holidays

Even if your small business is doing well in 2015, making your team more cohesive and prepared for the coming year is important. Sometimes a business does well in spite of its culture; but as many entrepreneurs have discovered, sometimes the hard way, if...

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Access to Small Business Capital

cost of capital versus benefits

In the Opinion Section of the November 4th Wall Street Journal, Mr. Peter Wallison, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and best-selling author, wrote an article titled Bernanke and the Slow-Growth Crew.  I believe it was a thought provoking article in that...

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Supporting the Entrepreneurial Community for 10 Years

The Leader in Growing Second Stage Companies

The Leader in Growing Second Stage Companies® Celebrating our 10 year anniversary this month, we reflect on Evolution’s purpose to Inspire Entrepreneurs to Create Evolutionary Businesses. Having the good fortune to have partnered with twelve companies and spoken with thousands of small business owners...

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Valuation versus Value Creation

value is created when a strategy is created and executed

On a recent episode of The Second Stage, we had the good fortune of speaking with Dr. Carl Sheeler, Managing Director at Berkeley Research Group and author of Equity Value Enhancement: A Tool to Leverage Human and Financial Capital While Managing Risk. During our...

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The State of Entrepreneurs in 2015

Innovation important to Entrepreneur Success

As an entrepreneur, you already know how well your company has performed thus far in 2015, but you may not know how your experience stacks up against other small business owners across the country. Today we examine an annual survey recently published by Hiscox,...

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Small Business Success: Grow Through Failure

Small Business Success: Grow Through Failure

I always counsel young people that your career is a marathon, not a sprint, and that a successful journey is one that is a culmination of many triumphs and failures. Someone once told me that there is something instructive about going out with an...

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Evolution’s Entrepreneurs: ROI Networks

ROI Networks honored as Top Avaya Solution Provider

Since our founding in 2005, Evolution Capital Partners has been privileged to partner with many outstanding organizations helping them to implement a foundation for growth. One such organization we’ve teamed up with recently is ROI Networks, whose expertise in unifying communication systems in small...

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The Rise of Midwest Venture Capital

Venture Capital Moving to the Midwest

Many of my friends, when introducing me to someone, invariably say that I am from Chicago, Houston or Pittsburgh because they have heard me say that I lived in those cities before moving to Cleveland. The fact is that I moved eight times by...

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3 Business Leaders Who Changed the World (and How to Emulate Their Style)

Steve Jobs Displays Persistence

Over the past century, scores of incredible businessmen and women have transformed the way the world does business either by introducing new technologies or making such a tremendous impact in their own industries that they eventually became global icons. Today, Evolution Capital Partners salutes...

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Small Business Stress: How to Keep Your Cool

Healthy Habits Reduce Stress

There are few topics more deserving to be written about regarding entrepreneurship than your physical and mental health. There are no shortage of stories about the incredibly draining mental and physical toll running a small business can have on the founder. One characteristic that...

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Selling your Small Business: Don’t Go It Alone

Business Owner finding the right advisor for sale process

While the topic of selling your business is certainly not a novel one here on our blog or radio show, The Second Stage, my recent conversation with the co-founder of divestopedia, John Carvalho, sparked some exceptional points on why having a great advisor is...

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Evolution’s Jeffrey Kadlic on Business Buff Entrepreneurs: Strive and Thrive

Strive and Thrive as an Entrepreneur

Before co-founding Evolution Capital Partners, I invested a decade in institutional settings making private investments, and discovered rather quickly how critical capital investments were to small businesses hoping to scale their operations. Yet, I also saw something else, something even more critical than an...

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Small Business Communication: When Sales & Marketing Requires In-Person Contact

The importance of in-person communication for small business success

Once the Internet was introduced to the public in the early 1990’s, it quickly moved into its current position as the go-to source for companies searching out new ways to reach and retain customers. Prior to this, traditional advertising was the king, with local...

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Evolution’s Entrepreneurs: Accurate Group

Evolution Leaders and Growth Company Results

We have partnered with extraordinary entrepreneurs and management teams over the past ten years, and it is through their vision, leadership and hard work that Evolution attributes its success. One of the phenomenal companies with whom we have had the honor to partner is...

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5 Steps to Business Meeting Mastery

Team Idea Generation

As a business owner, you’ve likely come to recognize how easily mistakes can be made during every stage of your organization’s growth. It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 company, each step towards success presents its own unique set of...

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The Second Stage: Our Top 10 Episodes for Entrepreneurs

Every Monday at 5 p.m. EST, Brendan Anderson and I join forces with some of the best and brightest in small business on The Second Stage, an online radio program focused on exchanging innovative business ideas and best practices for entrepreneurs. During the 1-hour...

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Find Your Sumo: Build a Culture of Business Development

On today’s episode of The Second Stage we talk about the strategic importance of establishing a Business Development (BD) mindset and culture within your organization with expert Bernie Brenner, author of The Sumo Advantage, and co-founder of TrueCare, Inc. Let’s begin with the distinction...

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Stand Out from the Crowd

As a leader and business owner, your ability to think strategically is perhaps one of the most important skills you can share with your team and organization. On a recent episode of The Second Stage, we invited author and CEO of Outthinker LLC, Kaihan...

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The evolving political landscape – what small business owners can expect

With the recent changes in Congress, we invited Small Business Investor Alliance President, Brett Palmer, to The Second Stage to discuss what small business owners can expect in 2015 and beyond. During our conversation Mr. Palmer spoke to the fact that with Congress and...

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