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Current VS. Fixed Assets–What’s the Difference?

To understand your business’s financial stance, it’s imperative to keep track of its assets. Knowing the different types of assets and carefully keeping track of them can increase savings, reduce risk to your business and improve future planning. But differentiating between fixed assets and...

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Why Small-Business Owners Should Read More

Accepting that you have a lot to learn is fundamental to achieving sustained small business growth. Ultimately, everybody always has room to improve—and admitting this is not a weakness. But many small-business owners resist the notion that they are not the independent, steel titans...

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2017 Annual Leadership Summit

Each year we host our Leadership Summit and Annual Meeting in support of our growing list of active partner companies and business investors. Held at our headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, the meetings and workshops allow opportunities for our leadership teams to share best practices, what’s worked...

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Top 3 Podcasts Entrepreneurs Should Be Listening To

Listening to a favorite podcast regularly is almost like having a mentor whispering words of wisdom in your ear all the time. And for the busy entrepreneur, podcasts are an ingenious way to make the commute or lunch hour more productive by lumping continuing...

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Forecasting Growth: 5 Predictive Metrics to Consider

Forecasting may not seem like a high priority to small business owners who are focused on the daily hustle needed to build and upkeep business, but forecasting is important for planning long-term strategy. According to an INSEAD research study, “Correctly recognizing emerging changes in...

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5 Tips for Attracting and Hiring the Right Talent for Your Small Business

When it comes time to hire new employees, most small-business owners are so bogged down with day-to-day business operations that it can be tempting to just push out a job posting and call it a day – but that’s not nearly enough. It’s important...

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What to Expect when Selling Your Small Business to Private Equity

Selling the majority share of your small business to a private equity firm can create growth opportunities that may ultimately increase the value of your business–so much so that the minority share you negotiate for ends up being worth more than the majority share...

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Age-Old Debate: When it comes to sales leads, which is better – Quantity or Quality?

When it comes to sales lead generation, it’s all about numbers. The more the better, right? Not necessarily. To address this age-old debate between quality vs. quantity, we once again reached out to Susan Williamson, a sales operations consultant at Monolith Software, to get...

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The Benefits of Transparency in Business

For a company to exhibit transparency, it must be open and clear with unhindered honesty. Transparency can build a company loyalty and trust among its audiences, both internally and externally. Not only does transparency improve employee relationships, but it also improves relationships with your...

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Ready Your Small Business for a Capital Raise or Sale

As private equity investors, we are buying or selling companies all of the time. It’s because of this role that I have the good fortune of seeing both sides of the raising capital or selling discussion. When having this discussion there are numerous items...

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The Power of a Believable Sales Pipeline

A sales pipeline is a tool that tracks prospects as they progress through the stages of your sales process. It should contain information such as: Company name Contact Sales owner Expected sales volume Approximate closing date Win probability Reason(s) for losses A believable sales...

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Preparing Your Business for the Private Equity Exit Process

So much has been written about selling to private equity, but far less has been discussed about when private equity sells and what is done to prepare the management team for that process. However, it is important to note that because all private equity funds...

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The Latest in Cybersecurity: Is Your Small Business Prepared for a Cyberattack?

In recent years, the number of cyberattacks has been increasing at an alarming rate – and small businesses are particularly vulnerable. In fact, 43% of all cyberattacks target small businesses. This is because they are often seen as an easy gateway into larger companies...

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5 Advancements in Technology Helping Small Businesses Compete

With less staff, resources and money compared to large corporations, small businesses have always been the stereotypical underdog. However, thanks to advancements in technology, these small businesses now have the ability to bring their companies up to match the larger competition. From online project...

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How To Set Attainable Goals For Your Small Business

Setting company goals is an important factor to keep your business continuously moving forward. However, the purpose of setting these goals is lost unless you make them realistic and attainable for your team. Attainable goals give your team something manageable to strive for, creating...

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5 Keys to Cultivating a Positive Company Culture

While knee deep in the growth stage, many small-business owners neglect to focus on one of the most important factors to the long-term success of their organization – creating a positive company culture. By boosting employee morale, a great company culture can have sweeping...

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Developing a Successful Sales Process

  Having a well-defined sales process is the key to successfully managing your sales team and pipeline. A sales process is a repeatable and scalable series of steps that maps out and tracks interactions with potential clients. These steps ensure everyone in the company...

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5 Tips for Effective Communication in a Small-Business Atmosphere

Establishing effective communication is the key to an organization’s success – particularly within a small-business atmosphere, where employees often wear many hats. It can have a cascading effect on all facets of an organization – from employee morale and productivity, to company revenue. However,...

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4 Ways to Gain Capital and Support Small Business Growth

Launching a new business takes hard work and determination, but the struggle doesn’t end there. Growing and developing your small business can be just as tough if you don’t have the funding to support it. Currently, there are 28 million small businesses in America,...

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7 Ways to Make Your Small Business More Attractive to Investors

When it comes time to grow and scale their company, small-business owners are increasingly looking to investors as a means of securing that much-needed extra capital. Attracting an investor – whether it’s a private equity firm, venture capitalist or angel investor – is no...

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