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Elevating the Finance Role in Your Small Business

The Importance of Finance in Small Business

As a small business begins to grow, one of two things occurs: either the founder begins taking on more of the company’s responsibilities in terms of accounting, marketing and operations, or they begin to invest in people with expertise in these areas. While many...

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The Rise of Midwest Venture Capital

Venture Capital Moving to the Midwest

Many of my friends, when introducing me to someone, invariably say that I am from Chicago, Houston or Pittsburgh because they have heard me say that I lived in those cities before moving to Cleveland. The fact is that I moved eight times by...

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Common Accounting Errors in Small Business

On today’s episode of The Second Stage we were joined by Audit Director and Partner at McGladrey, Roger Prough. During our discussion we focused on some of the more common accounting errors he and his team often uncover while auditing small business financials including, improper...

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Year-end Tax Planning Tips: Don’t wait until December

On today’s episode  of The Second Stage we discussed the ever looming topic we all love as business owners, year-end tax planning. And while we may not like to think about it – preparation, planning and yes, even a strategy, can help to ease...

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Transparency, Everyone’s a part of the process

In today’s episode of The Second Stage we discuss the fourth of our five pillars of Business Freedom, Transparency. To discuss this critical pillar we were thrilled to have Open Book Management expert Patrick Carpenter, Vice President of The Great Game of Business. To...

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Get your cash flow in order

As a recap from last week, we talked about the importance of small businesses as it relates to employment in the U.S., we discussed our backgrounds and defined the meaning of Second Stage Companies.  On today’s show we highlight the first and foundational pillar...

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Disaster Recovery: Putting a Plan into Practice & Mitigating Risk

To fully actualize disaster recovery planning, entrepreneurs are encouraged to combine written protocols with possible real-world scenarios which attempt to replicate the chaotic situations caused by disasters, an approach which has proven to be extremely valuable from both human and hardware perspective.  Approximating the...

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Disaster Recovery: The How To and Prioritization Practices

Business Impact Analysis Central to every disaster recovery planning process is the performance of a Business Impact Analysis. The business impact analysis forces small business owners to consider their company from top to bottom and determine what needs to be recovered and how quickly....

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Disaster Recovery: What is it and Why Should Small Business Owners Pay Attention?

With another challenging winter now in the rearview mirror, small business owners are taking a look back to reflect on how well they survived the brutal snow storms, delayed flights, highway gridlock, and missed deadlines that plagued the national business landscape over the past...

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Middle-Market Service Providers Must Go Deep to Grow Big

Middle Market executive chats with Doug Tatum to discuss his observations of the middle market and why service providers focusing on this market must “go down deeper” than they have in the past.

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In Bearish Market, Goldilocks Opportunities Abound in Second Stage Companies

With the American economy scarcely 100 days away from performing a swan dive off the fiscal cliff, investors everywhere are scrambling to get their financial house in order, bracing for a protracted market swoon, and anticipating the likelihood of another recession.  Amidst this backdrop...

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