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5 Must-Have Apps for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, you’ve had to stay up on many of the latest trends in your field, particularly when it comes to technology. You’ve probably already read numerous articles or heard from countless other successful business owners how technology has been playing an enormous role in “making things easier” for their company. However, when you’ve made an attempt at integrating these practices yourself, it seems there are too many different options and opinions on what will work best for you.

Today, we’ll be highlighting 5 smartphone and tablet apps available to small business owners – apps that will work for just about anyone – regardless of the field they’re in or how many staff they currently employ.


ReceiptBank is one of those apps you won’t be able to live without if you are the kind of person who struggles with keeping tabs on their company’s finances. Using your smartphone or tablet to take a picture of a receipt, bill, or invoice, ReceiptBank automatically extracts the information and inputs it into an expense report, ready to be downloaded to your preferred accounting software 24/7. Accounting has never been easier.


Competitors have attempted to steal customers from Skype for years, yet they’ve hardly been able to make a noticeable dent in the video conferencing powerhouse. Much of this is due to Skype’s strong and early entrance into the webcam-to-webcam communication sphere, but it’s also owed to the reliability and intuitiveness of the apps now available for smartphones and tablets. Another reason is that most of Skype’s options are now part of their free service, which includes conference calls, instant messages, file exchanges and video messages.


Whether you’re working in the office or you’re out chasing down potential clients, Mynd can help you keep track of all your meetings and appointments seamlessly. Not only does it tell you when you should be on your way to a meeting based on current traffic conditions and distance, but it also syncs with your LinkedIn account to give you the professional background of someone you’re meeting for the first time. How’s that for preparation?

DocuSign Ink

DocuSign is one example of how business will be done well into the future. The company makes it easy to sign everything from a form to a contract over your computer, tablet or smartphone just by saving your signature on its secure Cloud server. It also allows you to collect signatures from others as well, eliminating much of the hassle and cost involved in putting together a last minute meeting or overnighting important documents.


Let’s be honest, being a small business owner can be hectic, but it definitely shouldn’t take away from your most important relationship of all – the one between you and your significant other. Couple allows you to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner while you’re away by reminding you of important events or dates, giving you access to real-time video and voice messaging, and other creative tools. While it might seem like the last thing an up-and-coming entrepreneur would consider a business app, it is sometimes a great reminder of what your real priorities are.

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Posted by: Jeffrey Kadlic A co-founder and managing partner at Evolution, Jeffrey has spent the past 15 years as an investor and private equity professional with a true passion for working with dynamic small businesses. @kadlic

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