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Case Study on Entrepreneurship

On today’s episode of The Second Stage we spoke with serial entrepreneurs, Michelle Tomallo and Micki Tubbs, Co-Founders of FIT Technologies in Cleveland, OH. Evolving from a web based software development firm focused on the education market to a provider of customized IT Solutions across many industries, they have built an extraordinary company focused on culture and their customers. Their motto is work hard, play hard, which is evident in the team and environment they have built. They believe in nurturing a great culture and that this not only impacts their employees, but their customers and the service level they are able to provide.

They also discuss the ever-popular subject of balancing the dynamics when it comes to working with family members as well as in a partnership. What works within their business partnership is being aware of one another’s styles, strengths and weaknesses. Another suggestion is making sure that both partners are on the same page before presenting a particular subject to a larger group of employees. This helps to ensure a unified front as well as prevent unnecessary stress on those outside the partnership.

On the topic of growth, Michelle and Micki comment on making sure you are aware and open to opportunities. They also talk about the importance of having the right team members in place in order to take advantage of opportunities. Having the right people in the right seats seems to not only be a recurring theme throughout today’s discussion, but on The Second Stage in general.

To hear more from these Ernst & Young Entrepreneurs of the Year on the fundamentals important to creating a successful business in the face of external hardships, including that of “9/11,” access the entire discussion here.

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Posted by: Jeffrey Kadlic A co-founder and managing partner at Evolution, Jeffrey has spent the past 15 years as an investor and private equity professional with a true passion for working with dynamic small businesses. @kadlic

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