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Is Your Small Business Mobile-Friendly?

In last week’s blog I spoke about recommendations for adapting your business in the digital world, pointing out that a solid and above industry standard website can truly set you apart from the competition. As a follow up to this point, it is important...

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Keep Your Small Business Emerging in a Digital Economy

In the last ten years, nothing has changed more than the way in which your small business gains visibility—and business itself. When asked how small businesses can adapt themselves to the digital world, I refer to the same four key points: their website, digital...

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Expect an ROI When it Comes to Your Office Build-Out or Redesign

On today’s episode of The Second Stage we were pleased to speak with architect, James Horman of Progressive AE, to discuss how architecture and thoughtful design can truly impact a business’s overall performance, productivity and bottom line. After all, designing or reconfiguring your office...

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Improve Your Decision-Making Skills as a Small Business Leader

At the end of the day, the single most important element of managing a small business is making the big decisions that determine whether your business will sink or swim. I’m often asked by small business investors how to best position business leaders to...

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Living the American Dream

It was a pleasure speaking with our guest this week on The Second Stage, Dr. Paul Hsu, the true definition of a lifelong entrepreneur. Dr. Hsu’s inspirational story displays what is possible with vision, drive and determination, his definition of “entrepreneurial spirit.” Arriving in...

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3 facts to disprove the private equity misperception

Private equity is not well understood largely because almost all of it is well…….private. But how it is portrayed in mainstream media is off base and I would say even a bit unfair.  To this point, I recently wrote an article for Smart Business...

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Case Study on Entrepreneurship

On today’s episode of The Second Stage we spoke with serial entrepreneurs, Michelle Tomallo and Micki Tubbs, Co-Founders of FIT Technologies in Cleveland, OH. Evolving from a web based software development firm focused on the education market to a provider of customized IT Solutions...

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Is your advisory board working for you and your business?

Recently writing a guest article for Crain’s Cleveland Business on the subject of advisory boards and their effectiveness,  I reflected on the common challenges many business owners face when creating a meaningful group of advisors to help them propel their business forward.  Three identified issues are a lack of...

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Does your business have a crisis communications plan?

Big or small, it is inevitable that a crisis of some kind will happen within every business.  And the days of playing ostrich are virtually gone in today’s world of 24/7 “news” (professional and amateur) and social media. On today’s episode of The Second...

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How To Make Your Business More “Sellable”

Today on The Second Stage we had the good fortune of speaking with bestselling author and founder of The Sellability Score, John Warrillow. Mr. Warrillow shares what motivated him to write Built To Sell: Creating a business that can thrive without you as well...

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The Importance of the Finance Function in Small Businesses

I recently had the opportunity to speak with CFO THOUGHT LEADER on the significant role financial data plays in growing small businesses.  Financials being the foundational pillar in The 5 Pillars of Business Freedom, we discussed the transformation a business can undergo when an...

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Preparing Your Business For Sale

Are you contemplating selling your business, but unsure where to start?  On today’s episode of The Second Stage our guest, Tom Zucker, Founder of EdgePoint Capital Advisors, offers his expertise on how and when a business owner should begin the preparation for just such...

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4 Business Growth Strategies That Won’t Work

Running a business is about growing a business, and once a small business hits the established stage, it’s time to put in place a long-term strategy for growth. We often hear of a number of strategies passed down to small business owners that don’t...

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Make Your Management Meetings Meaningful

One of the most common frustrations for business owners and their management teams are unproductive meetings. If your weekly management meeting is anything like ours once was, not everyone is on time, there is no set agenda and most are on their laptop or...

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Is Your Company Ready for Small Business Investors?

One of the first questions I’m often asked is exactly what type of company Evolution Capital Partners works with. Before I answer that question, let me take a step back and talk about the different types of businesses we’ve encountered. From a startup to...

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Office Space Assessment and Lease Negotiation

Start early, be informed and understand the market when it comes to evaluating your office space needs and lease negotiation. This is the message our guest, Senior Vice President at Jones Lang LaSalle, Andrew Coleman, shared during today’s episode of The Second Stage as we...

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Five Twitter Accounts Every Small Business Owner Should Follow

Tips, tricks and insights for growing your small business can come from a wide variety of sources—industry insiders, books, magazines, and recently, social media. I follow several Twitter accounts offering essential reading and a level of thought leadership that comes from years of experience...

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Assessing Your Business’s Telecommunication Needs

The world of business telecommunications has had to virtually transform itself with the advancements in technology over the past 20 years. And with this industry shift, the business users themselves have become more sophisticated, putting increased demands for better communication services on their providers...

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How to Hire the right talent to Move your business forward

In my last post in our series on the 5 Pillars of Business Freedom, I discussed the importance of having a plan. You can have all the money in the world, and the best business idea anyone has ever heard, but if you don’t...

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Small Business Valuation: What is my business worth?

As a business owner, how do I know what my business is worth and what factors affect the value? Is this something I should have calculated regularly or under specific circumstance? Is this something I can do myself? All great questions and ones we...

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